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86 Epic Promotional Ideas for Holiday Campaigns [FREE]

Hey guys,

Year end sale season finally comes.

Imagine that you are a Magento store owner who always thinks of new ways to run promotion campaign, especially when big holidays are coming. You must be afraid of being left behind. Why not take action right now? Yes, it’s NOW.


To succeed, at first steps, you also need fresh ideas to make it unique & competitive with others.

Have you ever felt stressed when every idea is thrown into trash? I am sure you can not only stay away from that situation but also be different & be bold if you use this guide.

86 Epic Promotional Ideas for Holiday Campaigns

The must-have guide to brainstorm & run any marketing campaigns effectively


It’s 100% FREE. Even more, download this guide & you can learn:

1/ 49 campaign ideas

Creative, easy-to-use, & conversion-driven ideas to help you “craft” a campaign instantly

2/ 6 recommended tools

Minimize your efforts by automating actions for your campaigns

3/ 37 promotion tactics

Smart tactics to boost your campaign via online & offline channels

You are thirsty of campaign ideas? Pick what you want from the guide: 86 Epic Promotional Ideas for Holiday Campaigns. It can be used for any Magento store.

Just leave your info in the box below, then check your inbox to get this free guide:



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