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7 tips to pick a best theme for your Magento Online Store

Developing an ecommerce store is the best way to improve scalability of your business. The first and foremost thing you’d require when you plan to set up an ecommerce store is the platform on which it is going to be raised upon. Given the current trend, majority of websites are raised on Magento as it is proved to be a brilliant platform with plentiful features. The open source nature of this platform adds more robustness to it. Well, the next step after planning up the platform would be selecting themes for your website. As themes are the visual elements that add more spice to the online stores, investing some quality time on picking them would be recommended. To ease your onus on picking themes for your online store, I’ve compiled a few tips using which the process of deploying the best theme for your business is very possible.

Tip 1: Visually attractive

As the adage goes “first impression is the best impression,” ecommerce customers are left with just a few seconds get acquainted to your site. To cast a magical spell on the visitors that cut through your site only for a few seconds, the theme incorporated to your website should be visually attractive. Also, make sure that the theme looks professional as it represents your business online.

Tip 2:  Perfectly colored

You have infinite of Magento themes available on the internet today. Not necessarily all the themes won’t provide the visual treat to visitors online. If you’ve developed a fair bit of idea over the ecommerce business, obviously you’d have come across a lot of ecommerce websites. Definitely all the websites won’t have impressed you a lot, but only a few. If you have ever visited top quality sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. they have the best themes with perfect colors. Including one such on your site could help you improve your business rapidly.

Tip 3: Facility to customize

Most important and vital factor to be accounted for while considering theme selection is the customizing facility of the theme. Ecommerce is a type of business which is often subjected to expansion. So, the theme you’ve selected should support you in the process of adding new features in the near future; because whenever there is a change in the trend and new inventions are entering the market, you find it difficult to incorporate them on your website if it doesn’t provide any options for customization.

Tip 4: Space to place your marketing ads

Marketing is highly important for the improvement of any business. So, the theme you pick should provide enough space for placing the marketing ads. If the banner doesn’t contain the required space to place your marketing ads, then you might it difficult to promote your business and should adapt to some other means which can be expensive. Any theme with attractive banners and sliders can double your marketing prospects in a short interval of time.

Tip 5: Cross-browser support

Another essential factor to check for! The theme you’ve selected should be well designed with cross browser support. Only high-quality themes with perfect features have this ability and just go for them. By implementing one such on your website, you’d help users from all parts of the world view your website with ease which can easily double your sales.

Tip 6: Trendy look

Opt for a theme that bears the contemporary look as it has the ability to cover a wide range of audiences of that specific trend. Especially, if your online business is all about fashion stores, go for the theme that is completely trendy to create a great impression. Also, picking up trendy themes can be highly beneficial, as they will be built with new exciting features which could provide you better options to present your website online.

Tip 7: SEO-friendly

The theme you plan to include in the online store should be SEO-friendly to help your website fast index on the search engine search results. SEO-friendly features embedded in the theme can really produce tremendous help in the process of making your website moving to the top positions in the search results with little SEO efforts.

Final thoughts:

I hope the information provided in the article is beneficial and helpful in picking the right theme for your Magento online store. By picking a perfect theme for your ecommerce store, the process of improving your business emoluments will be doubled effortlessly.

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