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6 easy steps to make strong connection through social media

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You say social media marketing is “not long term advantage” but it’s exactly the contrary. If you do not create a social connection, it is one of big mistakes when you begin your e-startup

You are thinking of majoring in business management and would love to make a strong connection for your online business, but the problem is that you won’t  have much money, so yeah, social media connection is your answer.

What an interesting trend we are seeing, where people are searching for connections more than answers. Yet, for many, the full potential of social media eludes them    

Want to learn what a social connection should include, and follow our  6 easy steps to make strong connection through social media

1.Build a Social networking


Yeah. Building a qualified and engaged follower base on Social Media allows you to deliver your message to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people  at the lowest possible cost.

Social media is the best way to deliver real time marketing messages and allows you also to improve your search engine rankings.Here is the way How to boost your startup store with social media



Before you can make connections through social media you have to know who you want to connect with. You can make some surveys or read your customers ’s mind to identify what they want from your online store



See if they have a Facebook fanpage, Twitter account, instagram account or LinkedIn profile. You may google them to see if they have a blog or site as well. Once you have an avenue to interact, make a positive first impression.

In addition, another important note is to interact with the people they communicate with as well. So if you have a leader in a particular field you want to get in touch with, see who they follow, friend, and share information from. Then put yourself in their circle by taking the next step.



Possibly one of the reasons Facebook was able to pass Google in ranking was because of its ability to contribute what people wanted. We didn’t have to search for that funny video or topical article, because “so and so” on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, instagram is already finding those things for me.

If you want to make strong connections, you need to be recognized as a contributor as well. Find ways to add to the industry of those you want to connect with. If you know what they are passionate about, keep an eye open for any fascinating articles, videos, or content that they would love to see.

5.Be Interesting


Making connections requires work, but it can be a lot of fun as well. I’ve found if you want to get the useful attention you need to be interesting, relative, or entertaining.

Even though comics carry such a negative connotation and are seen as a very small niche, I gathered many mainstream followers by commenting on current events and pop culture from a superhero perspective

6.Be Consistent


Just keep making baskets or a pilot needs to land airplanes, to thrive in social online marketing connection you need to be consistently interesting.

There is a great opportunity to make connections, unlike any other time in our history. We all understand, it’s who you know that counts, with many tools like email, Seo, …, it is more easier to connecting. Building an online marketing networking just makes it all the more easier to approach those people.


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