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5 incredible offers for any Magento sites that shouldn’t be free

Hey buddies,

We have passed two first quarters of year 2015. Have you seen any changes in your sales or how complete in percentage of your target is? It’s time we took stronger action to boost it!

FYI, 5 free offers here are all for your business optimization. You can choose to have full access to download valuable freebies from Magestore. Believe me, at least this time, and download what you need the most.

1. Save 50% of your time in creating Affiliate banner. Why not?

Banner templates are ready for you to use. Before making it, we researched carefully about most effective & popular sizes. Thus, it will help you save a lot of time working on other tasks. It’s not only for Affiliate system but for any banners you wanna use on your site, for example, in your blog or promotion campaign.

Now, go here to get it instantly >>>

2. Do you want to know the time you will recover your capital & get higher interest from your loyalty system?

You may not know about how to calculate the time you can get interest before making decision to do something. Or even waste a lot of time finding a way. To deal with your problem, we create a 41KB cheat sheet with formulas to  calculate it automatically.

Find it here >>>

3. For your Magento site, what did you do to optimize it?

Menu is the first thing you need to pay attention to because it is like a map that guides your customers to the right place in your site quickly. Are you confident your menu is so good that you don’t need to optimize it anymore? Actually, there is still a room for it to improve.

Download icon package to show your menu in the most attractive way. It’s FREE

4. Free icon templates

Show the icon to make sure that your customers know which products are on sales on your site. Free icon templates are available for you to choose here. By downloading it, you don’t need to spending your time designing or finding on the Internet.

Ready to boost your sales? Download FREE here >>>

5. How to know which steps your customers leave at checkout page

For all your efforts, don’t lose your customers in the last step. If you still consider how to know on which step your customers leave the most, you can use this detailed guide here. I am sure that it will help you because many customers downloaded it and gave it a recommendation.

What about you? Get the guide to optimize the most important page of your site. 

Here is the library of Magento Download for FREE (all versions)

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