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4 key Magento extensions to improve sales

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Magento, an open-source platform for ecommerce over the years has become quite stable and trustworthy. Thus, the craze for Magento ecommerce stores among business entrepreneurs is improving steadily. Magento websites can deliver high-quality outputs with the help of the powerful infrastructure it withholds. For those that spend precious dollars on presenting an aesthetic front-end experience to the visitors, with no hesitation, will go for Magento as it possess such pleasing features and security. As improving sales becomes the agenda for all businesses, learning a few tricks and techniques that would skyrocket the sales of the products and services is recommended. Here, I wish to assist you with a pack of few Magento extensions that are crowd pullers capable of increasing your sales as well as your clientele beyond imagination.

Here goes the list of the plugins and their benefits on incorporating in your site:

1. One Step Checkout

One of the complicated processes involving order placement is the persistent check-out problem. Only a few have the patience to hold on with the check-out issues for purchasing their products, while most abandon their orders. So, in order to put an end to this prolong problem, the best and effective way is to install the One Step Checkout extension as it zeros dropouts and increases your sales volume considerably. To name a few, marketed with multi-language support and “Geo IP” features, it is one of the must have plugins for any website to promote business.

one step checkout

2. Reward Points

Attract your visitors like a bee toward beehive with some captivating offers and discounts. One of the ideal ways stimulating your visitors and persuade them to buy your products is with the help of the “Referral Reward Points” program. On installing this stupendous plugin on your website, you could offer a few exciting benefits to visitors by setting maximum purchase limit to earn reward points, setting up limit for referring friends, etc. This is an impressive and intelligent way to improve your clientele to a wider base. A must have plugin for any business website.

reward points

3. Ajax Cart

The best way to appease your customers while shopping in your online store is by engaging them to your products for a long time. Even the slightest of deviation would annoy them leading to abandoning their orders. So, in order to keep the customers engaged to shopping cart and products, installing Ajax Cart Pro in your site would be the best choice. Zero in the reloading issues at the time of adding, removing, or updating products by users and help them buy your products conveniently and comfortably without wasting any of their precious time. This is one of the best extensions for all kinds of shopping carts as it speeds up the process of shopping experience by users. 

ajax cart extension

4. Lucky Draw

This is an outstanding tool for improving sales. Each and every product has their credit points. Upon a customer earning a specific set of points by buying any particular product, Lucky Draw opens. Inevitable extension for any site as it helps to build a reputation for your brand among the customers and paves way for referring new customers, helps healthy improvement in sales. A few features of this out-of-this-world plugin include special gifts for festive season, allows adding all gifts to carts, compels users to grab all the gifts before season ends, etc.

lucky draw

These are four Magento extensions designed to improve sales for an ecommerce store. I hope that you will enjoy it and this articles helps you improve the effectiveness of your store.

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