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3 Tips for better E-commerce SEO

SEO is important in online business at the moment. However, it is more difficult to optimize your product pages because of less keyword density. Here are 3 tips for better E-commerce search engine optimization.

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1, Categorize and Optimize Product Page URLs

Search engines use page URL’s as a major resource for understanding the content of each page of your website. By categorizing products into sections and properly describing the specific product in the page URL you’ll be doing a much better job of explaining to search engines and human users alike what they’ll find by clicking through to that page.

For example, this URL is a good URL for the product Magento POS ipad:

This will increase the probability of ranking for long-tail keywords which typically have less competition and are extremely relevant to your product offerings

2, Add Alt-Text to Product Images

Naturally your product pages will have an image of the product. Search engines can’t understand what that image is representing without you adding alt (alternative) text to the image. Make sure the alt-text is aligned with the keyword you’re focusing on for that page.

Continuing with the “retail POS” example, you should add the following alt-text to your HTML:

<img src=”retailpos.gif” alt= “Magento Retailer POS”

Note: if you have multiple images of the same product try varying the alt-text for each slightly to target variations of the same broad keyword phrase.

<img src=”retailpos.gif” alt= “Magento ipad POS”

Giving images exactly the same alt-text could confuse search engine when deciding which image is representing what, so it is recommended to vary alt-text throughout the page and your site.

3, Write Creative and Enticing Meta Descriptions

Although meta page descriptions will not affect your rankings in search engine results pages, they do a great job of differentiating your webpage from others listed in SERP’s and can entice a search engine user to click through to your site.

The description is a great opportunity to start selling the product. In 150 characters or less, how can you set your products apart from others or explain the benefits of going through you as a retailer. Determine what your target market cares about in making their purchasing decision and position your eCommerce website as the best solution.

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