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How to get 14% discount at Magestore in Valentine 2014

Hey guys,

I have read an interesting news from Magestore. In this Valentine, when buying any 2 extensions from Magestore from Feb 11th to Feb 14th, you can save up to 14%

For more info, you can visit Magestore blog and Magestore website. The following sweet letter is their article on blog.


“My dearest Gift Card,

It’s another Valentine’s day of ours. I am about to write you a sweetest Valentine card ever but our memories, sweet and bitter, are running through my mind slowly like a movie that i decided to recall them here.

Three years passed but I still remember how hard my heartbeat drummed in the first time you were introduced to Magestore product list. I never believe in love at first sight until seeing you, my dear.

I did not have to wait long to work with you on a same website. A German customer said “ This is a perfect extension couple” and bought us together, you remember? Our love blossomed since then after bringing our matchmaker a successful sales season.

valentine discount magestore

I remember my white nights worrying when a customer reported you got a bug. Thank God, you are a healthy extension and get only 2 or 3 times like that.

I remember how deperate I was when you were working with some Gift Wrap guy on a website in Netherlands. My dear, do you know that whenever someone puts me in the checkout cart, I pray. I pray they will take both of us so that we can work as a perfect couple ever.

I know that no person on the Earth believes love in things like us, but humans sometimes forget that everyone, everything in this world deserves love.

And I love you, my dear, now and forever.”

From your Valentine,

Gift Wrap

Above is a sweet Valentine card from Gift Wrap to his Gift Card. Do you think  any other two couple should go together? Wanna be a matchmaker once? This Valentine, celebrate love with Magestore by buying any 2 extensions and get 14% off (from Feb 11th to Feb 14th)! Take your shopping cart NOW then share us your favorite couple extensions.

valentine sale magestore

Hope that’s helpful for you!

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